Cliff richard dating

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Cliff richard dating

Sir Cliff, whose home in Berkshire was searched by police on Thursday afternoon, issued a robust statement from his house in the Algarve, vehemently denying the allegation, but pledging to co-operate with the investigation.The alleged assault is said to have taken place in June 1985, when Sir Cliff appeared as a special guest of Mr Graham, who was hosting a week of events attended by tens of thousands of people at Sheffield’s Bramall Lane football stadium."The casualty was located and made ready for extraction back to the top, but a decision was made to lower the casualty to the promenade as it was closer and where the ambulance was waiting." According to a Coastguard spokesman the woman had not suffered any serious injuries.

Although diving has been a popular pastime across the world since ancient times, the first modern diving competitions were held in England in the 1880s.The exact origins of the sport are unclear, though it likely derives from the act of diving at the start of swimming races.The Plunging Championship was discontinued in 1937.Photo credit Manarola's primary industries have traditionally been fishing and wine-making.The 73-year-old entertainer on Thursday protested his innocence and was preparing to return to Britain from his holiday home in Portugal to answer police questions in connection with the sex abuse claim.

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In addition, unstructured and non-competitive diving is a recreational pastime.