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Scroll down to learn more about Hookd plus these six other apps that will completely change your life (or at least your Saturday night)…Hookd Whether you’re looking for love or simply someone lovely, Hookd’s unique verification process guarantees that all your heartfelt, articulate “sup, dude?Bravo's new series revolves around give couples who’ve been friends for years — and decide to take the leap into romance together.So, even though these pals have known each other for years (and know of their dating ups and downs), now they must deal with those first awkward kisses, pangs of jealousy, and confessing their new relationship to friends and family.Now, nearly fifteen years later, the GN is hardly rare. And there's never been a better time to be out and proud — about being geeky! Find something outside of their comfort zone and give it a try. A cooking class, a hike, a concert, a club, a sports event — sharing a bit of what you love is just as important as accepting what they love. Smile and nod Sometimes, you'll find yourself staring at your GN and realizing you have no idea what they're talking about. While it might be cool to be geeky nowadays, middle school and high school was probably a different story.Between the success of Marvel's movie/comic book universe and the crazed anticipation for , there's plenty to nerd out about. Be willing to play games No, not the emotional manipulative type. Making them feel stupid for their geekery could open up some nasty wounds.If a guy you’ve liked hooks you back, boom, it’s on!

No matter what book, movie, show, or game you’re obsessed with, you gotta admit, if you’re single, there’s nothing better than meeting someone who has a similar, unique interest and who you can talk to about it for hours (or days or weeks or months or years).This is one of the best deals you're going to find. Use code: FREE You HAVE to use that particular code to take advantage of this offer.To my knowledge, this is the first time they have given 3 day free trial access.Indeed, eliminating those annoyances makes Hookd more fun.Scroll through full-screen images of available men in your area, “pass” on the ones you just aren’t into, and “hook” the ones that you are.

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That’s why our experts have found the best dating sites for nerds — where you can let your geek flag fly!

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