Microsoft money updating accounts hung up Kostenlose teendate

Posted by / 12-Feb-2018 19:06

Microsoft money updating accounts hung up

Microsoft today released nine update bundles to plug at least 55 distinct security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system and other software.

Three of the patches fix bugs in Windows that Microsoft considers “critical,” meaning they can be exploited remotely to compromise vulnerable systems with little or no help from users, save for perhaps clicking a link or visiting a hostile Web site.

The vulnerability is remotely exploitable and can be used to grant attackers administrator-level privileges on the targeted machine or device – that means 10s of millions of PCS, kiosks and other devices, if left untreated.After applying this patch, now Quicken 2016 crashes after I enter the QData password before displaying the file. In the last two years Quicken has worked with no errors a total of about a week.I finally decided to create a new QData file and discovered that that crashes as well so basically the program is useless. I have purchased new versions each year for the last 3 years in the hopes they fixed previous issues but no. They have seemed to abandoned this side of the company and perhaps have concentrated on just Turbo Tax since that is a majority of their revenue.Several readers who’ve already applied these updates report that doing so may require multiple restarts of Windows.Patches are available via Windows Update, the patching mechanism built into all recent and supported versions of Windows.

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